Rental of short stay apartments

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Check-in and Check-out

Your arrival

All the useful information for your arrival is provided in your booking confirmation email including the name and full address of the apartment, and the name and telephone number of the contact person who will check you in to the apartment.

During the booking process we ask you for your estimated arrival time in Valencia so that the owner–manager of the apartment can prepare for your arrival. Please inform us as soon as possible of any changes to your arrival plans; (if you did not provide your arrival information at the time of booking, please provide us with it before your arrival date).

If you are arriving by aeroplane, once you have landed, you should call the contact person on the number provided in your booking confirmation email to confirm that you have arrived in Valencia and to arrange your check-in at the apartment. If you are arriving by road, rail or sea, you should make the call approximately one hour before arrival in Valencia.

Check-in time

The standard check-in time varies depending on the apartment. In the majority of cases the time is between 14:00h and 15:00h, please see the special conditions for the apartment. This information is also provided in the booking confirmation email.

If you will be arriving before normal check-in time, contact the apartment owner-manager to request an early check-in, who will always do their best to help you. If your arrival is early and there is a check-out on the same day, check with the owner-manager if it is possible to leave your luggage in the apartment while it is being cleaned and to return when it is ready for you.

Late check-ins

The majority of owner-managers establish a late check-in fee. Check the special conditions of the apartment to see if this is applied and if so, what the cost is.

The check-in

Upon arrival at the apartment the owner-manager will:

  • provide you with the keys to access the apartment,
  • show you the apartment and will explain how to use its equipment,
  • give you advice about the surrounding area and transport links,
  • The settlement is paid and the security bond payment or card details are also taken. Please see the special conditions for each apartment so that you know what forms of payment are accepted by the owner-manager.

Check out time

The standard check-out time varies depending on the apartment, however the majority have check-out time at 11:00h. If you wish to check-out at a later time please communicate with the owner-manager of the apartment to check if it is possible or not.

The check-out

The owner-manager of the apartment will normally attend the check-out personally to revise the apartment, collect the keys and return the bond. In the unfortunate case that something should be broken or damaged, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the bond. In some cases, the owner-manager prefers that you leave the keys inside the apartment and that the bond be returned by bank transfer or by card once the apartment has been unhurriedly revised.

You are obliged to leave the apartment tidy and clean before your check-out. If the apartment is found to be extremely dirty and/or filled with rubbish, it may be necessary to organize an additional cleaning service, the cost of which the owner-manager may deduct from your security bond.